A good mediator brings many intangible skills to the process. He should listen to the parties and be creative. A mediator needs to be intelligent and understand very complex facts and legal issues. The most important thing a mediator brings to the table is the right personality. He should be diplomatic but also speak frankly and be willing to express his opinions to the parties on the relative merits of the dispute. The experience ought to leave the parties feeling good about the process – their decisions and their lawyers – whatever the outcome.

In a mediation, everyone gets an opportunity to express themselves in a confidential environment. No one is forced to settle. Resha Mediation Services enables the parties to come together by putting the issues into a language everybody can agree on.

With a history of advising people in business and personal problems, an understanding of legal issues, and knack for communicating with individuals on a personal level, Salem Resha, the firm’s founder, is uniquely suited to facilitate mediation.